We're not an events company.

We're a business strategy hub.

We use Experiences, Events and Entertainment as our tools.

We are mindful, we create moments and make them measurable.

We're here to shake things up.


Be mindful of the life of your business and where you want to take it. Know your clients and your staff over the journey.

Be mindful of the future. Be mindful of how and why you invest to grow.

Find your opportunity.


Create a moment.

Create an experience that sets a memory. Create a shareable, social moment and watch it grow.

An environment where people are moved to create a moment to remember.


Make it count.

If you cant measure it, don't do it.

All of your strategies need to be quantified. Give it purpose and open the doors to growing your culture, client retention, relationships or revenue.


The M-pire was formed when three great minds came together to show the corporate world how it's done. No fear, straight shooters, with humour and smarts. Passion and energy is in our DNA, and working with us will be contagious.

We just make it happen.



Gone are the days of just getting a ticket. It's now about the journey and the experience. The method behind our madness is designing and creating unique, socially shareable moments.


We don't 'File, Save As.'

Third page, full of exciting information about why we're different.

Third page, full of exciting information about why we're different.